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China, located in South East Asia, is the fourth largest and the most populous country in the world. China's economy has been growing consistently at an average of 9.9% a year since 1978. It is world's second-largest economy when measured on purchasing power parity PPP basis. The two most significant segments of the economy of China are Agriculture and Industry since they contribute towards the production of over 60% of GDP.

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Economy of China


Fiscal Year

01 January - 31 December




$1.22 Trillion


$904.6 Billion

Main Industries

mining, ore processing,iron, steel, aluminum,metals, coal, machinebuilding, armaments,textiles, apparel,petroleum, cement,chemicals, fertilizers,consumer products,including footwear, toys,electronics, foodprocessing,transportation equipment,automobiles, rail, cars,locomotives, ships,aircraft,telecommunicationsequipment, commercialspace launch vehicles,satellites.

Export Goods

machinery, electrical products, data processing equipment, apparel,textile, steel, mobile phones

Import Goods

machinery, equipment,oil, mineral fuels,plastics, LED screens,data processing equipment, organic chemicals, steel, copper,optical and medical equipment.